About Ithaki

Famous all over the world as the home place of Odysseus, the mythical hero of Homer, Ithaca Greece is an iconic island. But Ithaka is so much more than that! Carpeted with lush greenery, dotted with quaint villages and having exotic beaches, Ithaca island oozes charm in abundance!

The only way to immerse yourself in the magic of this place is to explore it. Vathy, Kioni, and Frikes are the most picturesque villages in Ithaca. What’s interesting about these villages is that they have managed to keep their traditional identity despite the touristic development. Vathy, in particular, is the island’s center of activities and where the most Ithaca hotels are located.
As for Ithaca beaches, they share the same exotic setting with their Ionian neighbors! Filiatro, Sarakiniko and Agios Ioannis are some of the best Ithaca beaches. If you’re searching for a secluded alternative, though, Gidaki beach is your best bet!

Except for chilling out and relaxing, the best things to do in Ithaca are swimming, hiking, and sightseeing. The medieval village of Anogi, Loizos Cave and Katharon Monastery are some of the must-visit places in Ithaca island.