About Lefkada

Situated in the heart of the Ionian Sea lies Lefkada, an island so famously known for its turquoise waters that it makes its way to the top beaches in the world list every year. Indeed, Lefkada, or otherwise known as Lefkas is part of the Eptanisa, a cluster of seven islands including, Corfu, Kefalonia, Zakinthos, Paxi, Kythira and Ithaki, all distinctively renowned for their exotic beaches. Lefkada’s mesmerizing crystal clear waters coupled with its verdant and impressive mountains truly stands out amongst its neighboring islands as a must-visit destination.


The Best Beaches

Porto Katsiki

With its impressive white cliffs and baby blue water, Porto Katsiki is not only one of the top beaches in Lefkada, but in Europe. Due to its popularity, the earlier you arrive at the beach, the safer you are to finding a spot. There is a cafeteria near the stairs that sells waters and food. You can either bring your own umbrella or rent one. Pack lightly though because you’ll have to climb down a long flight of stairs to reach the beach.


People from all over the world visit Lefkada every year just to visit the world-renowned beach, Egremni. Due to a big earthquake in 2015, the stairs leading down to the beach collapsed and the only way to access Egremni now is by boat. Its impressive backdrop, white-pebbled beach, and crystal clear waters like you’ve never seen before, will win over your heart immediately. There are no sunbeds or cafeterias on the beach so make sure to bring with you all the necessary equipment and supplies. The beach is the longest one in all of Lefkada so finding a quiet spot to enjoy your privacy will not be an issue here.


Unlike Egremni Beach, Kathisma is the most crowded beach on the island. There are more beach bars you can count, and sunbeds to go around for everyone. The sparklingly blue waters make it all worth it though! Come here early to save a spot and enjoy a day at one of the islands best beaches. Alternative activities such as paragliding are available at this beach.


If you’re looking for an adventure then hiking over the mountain to Milos Beach is just the trick! Although you can access the beach from Agios Nikitas Beach with a taxi boat, indulging in a short hike to reach the beach is definitely more rewarding. Follow the signs in Agios Nikitas village to Milos to begin your hike (about 20 minutes) over the mountain. The locals of Lefkada have fought hard and long to keep Milos Beach untouched by beach bars. Enjoy one of Lefkada’s only unspoiled beaches to the fullest early in the morning or close to sunset.